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Justmoney - Advice you can bank on

At Justmoney we take the stress out of your finances and make it fast, safe, and convenient to manage your money. Just click on your cell phone or desktop for access to money management tools, advice you can bank on, and a full range of financial products and services. We will guide you on your financial journey, allowing you to make informed decisions today, and for your future. Having been around for over 10 years, we continuously strive to be a trusted voice within the personal finance sector.
Our promise to you We stand in the queue, so you don’t have to.

We help you find the right financial products and services.

We provide solutions to your finance-related problems.

We help you to save your hard-earned money.
What do we offer? A range of informative and simplified guides on different financial products.Comparison tools comparing charges between different bank accounts to help you save.Informative content online and via a newsletter to keep you financially up to dateCarefully selected prov…

RainFin Credit Marketplace

RainFin's pioneering online Credit Marketplace enables Borrowers to access affordable debt capital and Investors (Institutional and Retail) to access a new asset class, i.e Alternative Credit, thereby earning attractive, fixed income returns.
Things Most Investors Want To KnowInvestors (Institutional and Retail) purchase Participation Notes
Participation Notes are assets that are directly linked to the economic interest on loans
Investors can purchase Notes that correspond to different loans and Borrowers, thereby diversifying their portfolios
Diversification enhances risk adjusted returns

Your Steps To Maximize Your Returns
Create your Profile and verify yourselfComplete our quick registration process.RainFin requires you to submit your CDD (Customer Due Diligence) documentation to authenticate yourself. Find loans matching your requirements on our RainFin Credit Marketplace or Secondary Credit MarketplaceGo to our marketplace and search for a loan matching your risk appetite.You can…